ANSHK recently reached out to the 8 public universities in HK to improve the population of African undergraduates in the city. It turns out that are opportunities that have not yet been well-explored by Nigerians. All 8 universities offer full-scholarships, half-scholarships, partial scholarships, student-athletes/sports scholarships (for students who can show evidence of their achievements in sports), outstanding academic scholarships (for top graders, Olympiad winners, high SAT scores, etc), belt and road countries scholarships, etc.

Moreover, the University of Hong Kong has a specific scholarship dedicated to only Nigerians known as Hon Ping Entrance Scholarship for Nigerian Students which covers the tuition fee, accommodation, and a living subsidy, and is renewable each year. Organizations (like ANSHK and others), and any high school in Nigeria can nominate candidates for this scholarship.

One good thing is that candidates are automatically considered for all suitable scholarships after applying for admission and need not make separate applications. As the deadlines for some of the universities are getting close, ANSHK urges you to kindly spread this message among your network. A summary of the needed information is provided in the accompanying PDF file.