President’s Welcome Message

On behalf of the ANSHK executive committee, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the official website of the Association of Nigerian Scholars in Hong Kong (ANSHK). ANSHK is an association of undergraduate, postgraduate students, research scholars, and faculty members studying and working in Hong Kong universities. We aim to bring together all Nigerians in the academia within the border of Hong Kong SAR irrespective of age, gender, experience, religion, and/or political affiliations.

To achieve the aforementioned aim, we meet at least once in a quarter to relax, refresh, learn, and bond with one another. During our past meetings, we have invited top scholars, professors, and academicians to give academic talks on interesting topics such as completing your Ph.D. – Steps to a successful career in the academia by Professor K.M. Liew (2016) and Demystifying academic writing by Professor Peter Brimblecombe (2017), in order to learn and gain from their wealth of experiences. Both speakers are Chair Professors at the City University of Hong Kong. We also learn and advise one another during our research forum in which interested scholars present their research work and receive feedback from peers. We are sure that our members have enormously benefited from these two event categories. During the 2016/2017 academic year, a few hours crash course on programming with MATLAB was also held for returning and new scholars.

All work and no play, they say, makes Jack a dull boy. In order to maintain a balanced life and to burn off some academic/research related stress, we often organize sporting activities and outdoor events such as BBQ party during public holidays. More importantly, we do organize an annual welcome party for the fresh students and scholars, some of whom were picked up and helped to settle down by members and executives with the help of ANSHK sponsored airport pick-up program.

Please feel free to browse through our web page and send us a message via our Facebook page or email address. I would also love to assure all intending members and new scholars that the ANSHK is more than just an association; we are one big family that you can count on for support and assistance any day and anytime.

Oyetunde Kehinde S.
ANSHK President (2021/22)

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