Dear Esteemed Colleague,

Greeting to you, we are confident this email finds you well.

1. Notification of election.
As you are aware, the current academic session is coming to a close. Therefore, it is time to elect scholars who will paddle the canoe of our great association in the next session.

The following is the timeline for the electoral process for this year:

1 Information about Election/First call for nomination of candidates 27 July – 4 August.
2 Acceptance of Nomination 5 – 10 August.
3 Second call for Nomination (if any) 11 – 16 August.
4 Second acceptance of Nomination (if any) 17 – 21 August.
5 Notifying members of nominated candidates for each office 22 – 25 August.
6 Election (Tentative) 27 August.

2. Nomination of candidate(s)
You are hereby invited to nominate candidate for election into the five available executive offices by clicking on this:
Please note that the deadline is 4 August. In a case where no candidate is nominated for a particular office, there will be a second call for nomination.

We seek your cooperation towards the success of this year’s election

Thanks and Best Regards,
Electoral Committee 2017/2018

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