ANSHK is an organization that unites the Nigerian scholars (students, researchers, and academics) in Hong Kong with the aims of helping members to achieve academic excellence, encouraging members to portray Nigeria in a positive light in Hong Kong and ultimately contributing to the development of Nigeria at large. The association is open to all ethnics, tribes, cultures and religion and does not discriminate.

How ANSHK was formed

The name “Association of Nigerian Scholars in Hong Kong (ANSHK)” was birth on June 20, 2013 at a meeting of seven scholars at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) campus. Prior to this meeting, on April 6, 2013, seven scholars (Dr Adetoyese Oyedun, Mr Afis Busari (PolyU), Mr James Amuda (HKUST), Mr John Dada (HKUST), Mr Gbenga Oladirin (PolyU), Mr Victor Dibia (CityU) and Akeem Akinwekomi (CityU)) gathered for a get together at the home of Dr. Adetoyese Oyedun in Tai Po. At the end of the get-together, they all saw the need to have a platform for the Nigerian scholar community in Hong Kong mainly to help new scholars settled down in Hong Kong easily and to also correct the negative notion that the Hong Kong community has towards Nigeria.

ANSHK was officially registered on September 19, 2013 with the clear mandate to achieve the following objectives:

  • provide a platform of information for Nigerian students (both current and prospective) at the Universities in Hong Kong and the general Hong Kong community;
  • enhance social and academic integration as well as facilitating the smooth transition of prospective Nigerian students into study life at Universities in Hong Kong;
  • foster intercultural understanding between Nigerian students and other members (local Hong Kong and International students) of the academic community in Hong Kong;
  • encourage voluntary activities that enable Nigerian students contribute to the rich cultural and social values of the Hong Kong Community;
  • organize programs to welcome new students to the City and help them settle quickly into the society; and
  • serve as a platform to contribute to the development of our country and to represent Nigeria in a positive light.

Over the years, the association has grown in numbers and while a number of alumni have moved on from Hong Kong, the association is still standing strong as the years go by. ANSHK has indeed stood the test of time and we believe the association is going places.

God bless ANSHK and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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