President’s Welcome Message

Dear ANSHK Family,

On behalf of the ANSHK executive board, it is my delight to welcome the new scholars of the 2022/23 academic session to the association. Your choice of Hong Kong to further your study/research is a splendid one, and I am quite sure that you will have a good time. It is also my pleasure to welcome our existing members to another session. I pray that your research and study progress smoothly.

In addition to helping members achieve academic excellence, this association aims to portray a positive image of Nigeria. ANSHK has become a large family, a community where people can interact freely and form lasting relationships. These relationships can extend from mere acquaintances to research, career, and professional connections. Members are encouraged to collaborate with other scholars in related fields in order to facilitate their research progress and enhance the quality of research output.

What we have in common is that we left our country of origin at some point to come study here in Hong Kong. There is also the possibility that some of us will stay after our program to work and perhaps settle. So, as long as we are here, we do our best to make this place our “home away from home”. Our unity will allow us to stand against and overcome any challenge we might face while we are away from home.

As members of this family, it is essential that we all contribute to the growth and progress of ANSHK, promote the association’s image, and be worthy ambassadors of Nigeria. We must also work together as a team, bonded by passion and united in purpose. Therefore, let us strive together to contribute to the development of this family. We can accomplish this by introducing the association to new scholars at our schools.

Furthermore, while we are here, we should engage in positive image-building activities that will increase our acceptability in society and earn respect from the host community. It is expedient to debunk the negative impression many might have regarding Nigerians. Surely, this is our opportunity to change the narrative. We should do our best to contribute to every activity that will put us in good stead with the locals and government officials. This will also benefit prospective citizens coming to study or work in Hong Kong. Let’s build a better reputation through our good work and community service. We can lay the foundation for the respect we want from our host country for ourselves and future scholars. I believe we have the “will” and will strive to achieve this.

Occasionally, we organize fun, exciting, and educational events as a way to de-stress, having been caught up with the rigours of unending research work. Such activities include cycling, football matches, BBQs, and so on; so, we encourage you all to participate.

I wish you progress in your research and studies. God bless us all, God bless Nigeria, and God bless Hong Kong!!!

Thank you.

Adegun Miracle Hope

ANSHK President (2022/23)

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